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Is the support I'm giving my sister's enough???

May sister just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl...everything was going smoothly until they decided to bring the baby abroad because she and her husband's working there. Upon securing the babies pass to the country they are working we decided that he baby could fly back home to have her vaccinations here in our country because the vaccines expensive to where they are currently staying. It was decided that the baby will be brought home by us (mother and her sister) and after two weeks my sister will follow because she will also be on leave because it's a school break. When we head home with the bab, of course, my sister was so sad and depress because it will be the first time that her daughter will mot be with her. We understand of course but as the day pass she begun to ask about the baby, on is she? Does the baby feel different? Is the baby alright or what? And we understand completely because that is her child. But it came to the point that my mother , sister, her husband and her husband's family is thinking she's too much to handle already. My sister message me and she told me she felt that everyone is angry at her and that people make her feel she's incompetent as a mother but I always assure her that it was all on her head...I also tell her to take a rest and a break from everything. I'm aksingif what I'm doing is enough because I can still feel that she's getting more and more depress that even if I assure her...she still feel neglected by the peopleshe loves

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Hello Mishca27

Welcome to the forum and thanks for your post. I'm sorry to hear that you are worried about your sister. The mums here have all had Postpartum Psychosis, a very severe mental illness following childbirth, so can I ask if your sister has been diagnosed or does she have depression? Is she in the UK?

Depression can be very hard to deal with and I think it would be a good idea for her to see a doctor so that she can be helped. It is probably very difficult for your sister to lift her mood if she is depressed so the sooner she finds professional help she will slowly improve.

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful. There will be other mums here to offer advice.

Take care.


as of now she hasn't seek help from a professional. when i talked to her before I think she is having an idea that maybe she is going through Post Partum Depression. I can't fully be helpful to her because I too have some personal depression that i have been experiencing as of the moment. I do want to help her with everything it's just that I'm also feeling down right now...I want to ask the family to help her as well because I can't do it alone...


Hello Mischa

Thank you for your update. Is your sister in the UK? I think she does need to see a doctor so that she can have a proper diagnosis and receive treatment. I'm sorry that you are not well yourself, sometimes trying to support a family member with an illness is very draining. I hope your family will be able to support you and your sister.

Take care.


Hello Mishca

Please ask your sister to see a Doctor. You may have to tell her it will be very difficult for you to support her yourself as you are suffering from depression too. I feel it would be good for you to see a doctor too because depression is hard work both for the sufferer and the family doing the caring.

It's a terrible time you are all going through as a family, and maybe the rest of the family can help support you and your sister with the assistance of the medical services.

Take care xx


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