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Second opinion service - Contact details please

Hi all

Could you possibly give me the details of the second opinion service as I would like to be referred as my care team don't seem to have any idea of what is happening and I don't feel confident in their abilities to handle my illness appropriately.

I have been prescribed ECT through my consultant but he still doesn't believe I have/had PPP even though I was diagnosed with it and on a MBU for 6 months.

Many thanks


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Hello bethanylj

I'm sorry you don't feel confident in your care team and the Consultant is being difficult despite your diagnosis in the MBU.

The link to the Second Opinion Service is A referral can be made by your GP or Psychiatrist. I know a few mums here have found the support of Prof Ian Jones invaluable and I also had the privilege of meeting him and some of his team a few years ago. They were all very understanding and it was a great relief to have their support.

Stay positive and take good care of yourself. xx

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Hi bethanylj that sounds like a good idea. Emphasise to whoever refers you that it is a free service, so no cost to you or your health authority.

I really hope it helps you get the support you need.

Take care

Dear bethanylj,

sometimes it is good to have a second opinion. Confidence and trust in your medical team is of great importance. I have been fortunate on many occasions in my after-care.

A wonderful Spanish Psychiatrist, who helped me to wean off anti-depressants & my care coordinator, who fully understands my choices and path of alternative therapy, despite ongoing phobias and fears when struggling with ups and downs throughout my menstrual cycle.

Good luck with everything,


Bethanylj where in the world are you?

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Hi bethanylj

I hope you are feeling ok and have managed to have (or make) a Drs appointment to talk about being referred to Prof Ian Jones. In my experience my GP was really grateful to have someone else to consult with as so many Drs aren't specialists. PP can be hard to understand I think and it was such a breakthrough to have someone who truly understood, that "expert opinion ". I also found it helpful that my GP went on the website during the appointment to look at the details, which reassured me. I hope you can get the referral soon, we are all thinking of you and wishing you the very best. Tough times can be just that, really tough, but hang in there, it can get better and you will get to where you want to be. Thinking of you, xx

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Hello bethanylj

Just wondering whether your Dr has agreed to refer you to Prof Ian Jones' second opinion service? I hope so as I think it would give you peace of mind and a way forward.

Take good care of yourself.

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Hello bethanylj

I noticed that in a supportive reply here how you feel guilty about not having the spark you used to and get up and go. I was sorry to hear this and wanted to reassure you that some mums take longer in their recovery than others, I know I did. although mine was a while ago. After all PP has thrown at you it's not surprising that your get up and go is taking time to resurface but it will eventually so please don't feel guilty.

I think you're right to take your time to consider your teaching options, especially if it's teaching in the classroom as it must be such a stressful career. In the meantime I hope you are ok and the consultant is a little more understanding and helpful.

Take care ..... we are all here for you. xx

in reply to Lilybeth

Thank you for your comment. Finding things tough going at the moment as I've also had flu which has made me feel physically unwell. I'm hoping rest will help although I always feel guilty for resting as I want to be up and about and doing. I want to go to the gym and be active and back to my old self but 19 months on and I'm still finding it difficult. I'm hoping this improves as Hattie gets older x x

Hello bethanylj,

thank you for your message. I am sorry that you are finding things difficult at the moment.

Our bodies are designed like an interwoven mat, everything is pulled in all directions and we have to reflect on ourselves (meta cognition) and make sure everything is in working order, meaning physical health is dependant on your emotional welfare and also the other way round. (body, mind and soul)

You must feel quite exhausted after the flu. I always have a down period, where I just have to listen to my body and need to force myself to slow down. I am often on over-drive and do not seem to have any turn off switch...thus, it is not always easy to manage daily challenges.

Throughout my recovery after PPP in 2010 I always was striving for my old self, but when I looked into the mirror I have had to accept myself and learnt not to look back anymore (I participated in self management courses/support groups and peer support)...

Like you I like to exercise, but sometimes it has to be in moderation or just trying to get gradually back into it, especially after a Summer break (in my case yoga & meditation)...Prioritising is not always easy when trying to manage family life...

Wishing you all the best,


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Hello bethanylj

Thanks for taking time to reply. I read your reply to Jake19 and wondered if reducing your medication has been supervised by your care team as this can have a negative affect? I think weight gain with medication is quite frustrating but it's important to look after your mental health first and take medication regularly. During my recovery I decided to reduce medication myself and went downhill very quickly so please take good care.

I know how you feel about a 'to do' list of routine jobs around the house but you really must rest to build up your energy, especially if you have also had flu. It took me well over two years to regain my confidence and place, although my PP was a while ago.

For now, just be proud of how far you've come in 19 months and when you're feeling better you will find the energy to return to the gym and exercise ..... no pressure. xx

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