hi guy. s,

sorry i havent been on in awhile. i finally saw the psychiatrist and she put me on a pill for mood disorder and increased my antipsychotic. she thinks that i should of been hospitalized last year when i first was going through this. shes very surprises that my therapist didnt tell me to go to one. the psychiatrist is incredible and she said i will be normal again. im very happy i found her. she kept me out of work longer so im out for another month. talk to you guys soon!

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  • Hi Ashley,

    It's really good to read your update. I'm so pleased you're seeing a psychiatrist now and she's giving you the support you need.

    Take good care xx

  • hi j-b-55,

    its really nice knowing i have her support now and all you guys on here. thank you

  • Oh my god There's nothing like finding a good psych!!! Some of them you just don't gel with. Happy for you. Glad you are a lot better

  • hi angviolet,

    thank you for responding. i still have a ways to go but im better then i was last year. my psychiatrist is so amazing. im so happy i found her. talk to you soon!

  • Hi Ashley, It's so good to hear that you have found a good psychiatrist! That is worth so much, who can treat you with the proper meds...and even if you do have a wobbly again she will be there to change things if needed.

    As you say I'm sure you've still got some way to go, but such good news to hear you have better professional support

    Take care


  • hi ellie,

    its wonderful knowing that im going to get through this. i thought i would never get better. she told me that she will help me and i will get better. it was so nice to hear her say that 2 me. i was so lost for such a long time and scared. for once i can breathe again. talk to you soon!

  • That's amazing Ashley! Glad you have found a good physiciatrist to help you! You can focus on getting better now and have less to worry about. If you ever need someone to talk to, you know I am always here. I'm really happy for you! 😁😊 xx

  • Hello Ashley

    Just to add how pleased I am too that you have now found the right care after struggling for so long. Such a relief for you and your family. Take care and enjoy your 'me' time.

  • hi lilybeth,

    thank you for responding. im hoping this medication will be the right medicatiobn

  • Hello Ashley 031

    We are all thinking about you and hope the new medication will make a difference.

    Take care.

  • hi lilybeth,

    thank you so much and i will keep you updated. take care

  • Hi Ashley,

    That is fantastic news! It is so lovely to hear you sound so positive, it sounds like you are well on the road to recovery. Keep us updated on how you get on

    Helen x

  • hi helen,

    i keep hoping everyday when i wake up that im fully recovered but i know it will take time. im just happy im on the road tk recovery and not at rock bottom like i was. talk to you soon!

  • Wishing you health and happiness...the road of recovery is happening for all of us in many different ways. Take good care.

    Sabine :-)

  • Good to hear. We are all still here for you when you need support. I am glad you found a doctor who knows how to help properly. You have had a very hard journey but I'm sure you will be stronger in the long run for it, even if you don't feel so at the moment.

  • hi suzannah0,

    im doing ok. i see the psychiatrist again on monday. i still have my moments but i get through it. im glad i can still come here and get support. you guys have really helped me and it means a lot to me. i will keep you updated.

    take care

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