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Action on Postpartum Psychosis
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Post partum psychosis as part of the big conversation on mental health

Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum - I had post partum psychosis following the births of both of my children, now 7 and 4 years. I'm so delighted to find this forum and to see that there is support for women who go through this. I want to help in any way I can.

If you have had pp psychosis, are you finding it easier to be open and discuss your experiences now that in the UK, there is a big drive towards discussing mental health?

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Hello Clairette

Welcome to the forum and thank you for your post. I also had PP twice many years ago and found the forum a great place to 'meet' mums with similar experiences. When I had my PP episodes there was a lot of stigma around mental health and it was very difficult to discuss.

I can say that since I had the good fortune to find APP I have been able to understand what happened to me. However, other than on the forum I don't share my experiences with others as I did once confide in a 'friend' and was judged unfairly.

I'm sure your offer of help will be well received.

Best wishes.

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Yes it's certainly getting much better and becoming easier to talk about. When I was in hospital a few years ago it was kept very quiet and perhaps with good intentions. However I have been comfortable that this is now part of my life story and has shaped who I have become.

Although it may set me apart in some respects as I've never actually met in person anyone who's been through this illness. I've still only had positive responses when I've mentioned it in conversation. I think that the reason for this is that as you say people are becoming better at discussing these issues and challenging the stigma.


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