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hi everyone

I've been put under the early help assessment tool (EHAT).

Has anybody else had these involved, the lady i spoke to seems really lovely and helpful but I still feel a little worried these are involved , I know its only for the safety of my children and so I get all the support I need but still feel a little worried and a little like I have failed as a mother , could anyone explain to me what these are exactly and if anyone has has had these involved an what their experience was with them

thanks in advance xx

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Hello niccie27

I don't think this assessment tool was available at the time of my PP episodes as they were years ago.

I found it very difficult to trust anyone .... I was very suspicious of professionals and thought I was being judged. In a way they are only there for support but due to my depression and self harm behaviour during my psychoses Social Services did visit our family at home for a while.

Try not to worry, although I know that's easier said than done. You definitely haven't failed as a mother ...... just take everything slowly and in your own time. It's early days and you are also recovering from a breakdown recently so you need a lot of support.

Please keep writing here if we can help ....... try to relax and take care. xx

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We had an early help referral. It may differ across the country but for us it meant an assigned key worker from action for children (who were contracted to run early help). He worked with us and the school on some behavioural issues with our (6 year old) son. Our son had been seeing children and adolescent mental health (CAMHS) and was assessed for autism too, prior to early help but with no real conclusions.

Lloyd, our key worker helped us get things sorted with those agencies and then helped us start a parenting course to better deal with his meltdowns. We talked about getting an ehcp (? New version of statement of special needs) but didn't do it before the end of the 6 month referral.

Part of me felt (feels) a failure for needing the help but with everything we've been through it is no surprise we needed it.

The parenting course was brilliant. My husband managed to get time off work so we both went and properly discussed strategies. A lot of it seemed obvious but to have the space to think things through was a huge help.

The whole point of early help as I see it is to get in before things get bad and make positive changes. It doesn't mean you're failing. Just that you're near the top of a slippery slope and they give all the help they can to stop it going wrong before it does. You may well be able to manage without, but if the support is on offer, I say take it!

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