Sing, perform, play! for APP music event on 3rd May

Hi All,

APP invites everyone to ‘Sing, Perform, Play!’ to support World Maternal Mental Health day on Wednesday 3rd May to raise funds for APP.

Are you musical? Do you know someone that is? Hold a musical event & help APP raise funds to support mums & families affected by severe postnatal illness.

How you can help

Support MUSIC 4 MUMS on May 3rd and raise funds to support mums, partners & families affected by severe postnatal illness.

Plan an event in the first week of May

- Invite friends for a music evening in your home

- Hold a concert at your local music venue, café, school, hospital, community centre

- Organise a band night in your local pub

- Ask your favourite band to do something to support us

More information is on our website.

Please - No pressure at all if you aren't able to get involved. But if you would like to do something do look on our website, and get in touch!

3 Replies

  • What a great idea, Ellie. However, I rather focus on the arts...

    Good luck and best wishes, Sabine :-)

  • I really like the idea of this and I sing so will have a think about what I could do.

  • That's fantastic, thanks so much. It can really be very informal and just fun :) even something just around your house with a few friends...

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