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hormones to blame? What does everyone think are the main causes of PP?

So after 6 months since the birth (breastfed for only 5 weeks) my period has returned and so I haven't had it now for 16 months all together. Anyway, the two nights before I got my period I had this recurring nightmare that I was in labour allllllll night! when I woke up I was so relieved then the next night it happened again and it sort of made all my emotions about what happened to me when I had PP come back, which isn't really a bad thing coz as soon as I was able to function and look after my baby again I just was so busy with that, that I haven't really processed the whole experience. Anyway they say the extreme hormone surges and/or depletions when you give birth are a big trigger for PP so I just found it so interesting that the same pre menstrual hormones made me feel those feelings again and bring me back to the trauma of birth in my dreams. I hope that everyone that is suffering from PP right now is doing ok, it's like being in a constant state of terror and you amazingly do get better one day !

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Many factors, perhaps including a genetic inherited vulnerability to getting fear of something terrible occurring,


Yeah that's what I think too. A fear of something terrible we actually a definite front runner too

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Hi Angviolet

Thanks for your post, That recurring nightmare sounds horrible... I found that strange things would trigger my memories too.

It's an interesting question you raise - what causes PP? Basically, more research is needed, but any information that is known is on our website under FAQ - 'why does it happen'. It says:

"Postpartum psychosis is not your fault. It is not caused by anything you or your partner have thought or done. Relationship problems, stress or the baby being unwanted do not cause postpartum psychosis.

There are likely to be many factors that lead to an episode of Postpartum Psychosis. We know that genetic factors are important. You are more likely to have Postpartum Psychosis if a close relative has had it. Changes in hormone levels and disrupted sleep patterns may also be involved."

So yes, as you say, hormones do play a part I think, and also as haroldmag says genetic factors also play a part.

I hope that's helpful. Take care, and I do hope you don't have anymore horrible nightmares! X


Thanks Ellie, Yes definitely a large number of factors combined it would seem, I have bi polar in the family. Yep no more nightmares thank goodness.


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