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Urgent APP Fundraising Appeal

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Hi all,

Five years ago we received funding from the National Lottery which enabled us to start this forum, offer one to one peer support, train and support our volunteer peer supporters, run workshops and events where PP women and families could meet each other, build our website and produce our insider guides which I know many of you have read and found invaluable.

Now this funding has ended we are looking at all possible ways that we can continue to fund our precious peer support. APP are a really small charity, employing only a few people, and we have achieved so much and made such a difference with the small amount of money we have raised so far. We are the only charity in the world specifically for women and families affected by postpartum psychosis.

I'm sure you'll all agree that it would be really devastating for women and families affected by PP if we were unable to continue the peer support because we know what a massive difference it makes to so many women and families. It really doesn't bear thinking about. I know just for myself that it has made a massive difference to my life, and my recovery.

We are therefore launching an urgent fundraising appeal, to ask people if they can donate monthly (via direct debit / standing order) to APP. Having monthly donors would mean we would know how much money we would be receiving each month, and would therefore be able to properly plan, resource and fund the project.

We wanted to write here on the forum, to ask all of you, only if you can afford it, to please do consider donating monthly to APP if you are able. But also to ask your friends and family if you feel able to do this, and anyone else you know (perhaps if you even know someone who could donate a considerable amount). I know we can all explain better than anyone why it is so important to be able to be in touch with others with PP, and what a massive difference Peer Support makes.

But please - don't feel pressured. Do please only donate what you can, and if you're able to. We really do believe it will be through our networks, and through people who use our peer support service asking people they know to fund it, that we will be able to keep it going.

Information about the appeal, with details of how to donate is here: app-network.org/fundraising...

Huge thanks to you all.


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Hi Ellie

This is a great initiative - I am happy to donate monthly.

I don't remember seeing the original message which may not have reached my in box or could have been caught up in other messages.

Would it be worth re-sending?

S x

in reply to bluestarlady

Ah Bluestarlady thanks so much for being open to donating monthly, huge thanks. If you just click on the link in my original post (towards the end) that takes you to our website where you can set up a monthly donation through CAF (Charities Aid Foundation).

Huge thanks, and I do hope you're doing well X


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