North West meet up in Liverpool in January on a Sat?

I know this is ages off but getting a date is near impossible so figure the more notice the better.

How about Sat 14th Jan somewhere near Liverpool lime street train station? I don't know the area so need ideas - date can change too.

I'm too busy to meet earlier but I'm looking forward to talking about pp and putting names to faces.


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  • Hi Sally

    What a lovely idea, to arrange this. APP, when we receive further funding, hope to arrange face to face meet ups in the future around the country as I think they are so valuable, having taken part in a volunteer day and the art weekend, and various other APP events - it's so amazing to meet other PP women in person!

    I just wanted to say as well just to make sure you all stay safe - meet in a public place, as you are arranging. I'm sure it's obvious! Do post back on here how it is after it happens!

    Take care X

  • I'd be interested! Keep me in the loop!

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