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MBU bag?

Hi all -

Nearly 38 weeks today - packing a hospital bag although down for home birth.

Decided to pack a MH bed / MBU bag to reduce stress on my family if I need to go. I'm over 2 hours from nearest MBU (Manchester) so they can't just pop back with items.

Any suggestions on what to add? So far it's clothes and toiletries for me (baby's stuff is all in one place so easy for family to pack). Will I need towels / maternity pads?

Thanks xx

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Hello Mims2014

Good to hear from you. Not long until 5th July .... :) That's very wise to be prepared although hopefully with all your good care planning with professionals you will have a lot of support in place.

I think the other newer mums here will be able to comment but I would say that you will need towels / maternity pads as well as the clothes and toiletries you already have. Don't forget your phone charger too if you have to leave home! Do you know if you are having another son? I hope you have a very calm home birth and can enjoy the excitement with your family.

Wishing you the best of times.

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Hi mims2014,

Great to be so prepared - I'll keep everything crossed for you that it won't be needed.

Yes I would pack a supply of maternity pads and also breast pads (necessary whether or not you will be breastfeeding - on that note if you're not breastfeeding, I'd advise a tight bra/crop top to get you through a couple of uncomfortable days). Phone charger as lilybeth has suggested, maybe some favourite snacks, photos? They will provide towels I'm sure. Things to make you comfortable, slippers and dressing gown, and to remind you of home?

Wishing you all the very best for the coming weeks xx

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hello mims2014

good to hear you are prepared, it does make sense to have things ready just in case, but of course fingers crossed it won't be needed. I'd agree with others, maternity and breast pads are a must. Good tip from JB55 too, I was advised to"strap them down and don't touch!" which helped with the discomfort.

Perhaps also pack a little radio or magazine / puzzle book, pen and paper. Whilst you might not need/ want them, it can be good to have distractions.

Thinking of you and wishing you all the best, xx

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What a brilliant idea, I will be stealing this though not due til October

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Some comforting things, I took my 'Monty' dog when I went to the MBU, simple puzzle book is a good idea, trashy magazines, if you have a favourite drink/snacks, dressing gown and slippers, colouring book maybe? I think it's a great idea to be prepared, we had to pack in a hurry with no idea how long for and I was too ill to help so all kinds of things got missed 😢 Maybe you could get family/friends to make a book of inspirational quotes or messages that might give you a boost if you needed it. Good luck and hope all goes well xxx

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Hi there - best of luck, what an exciting time!

Here's a list of some of the things I wish I had while in the MBu (or which were brought in subsequently!):

- small box of washing powder

- plenty of changes of underwear (for me) and simple babygros / sleep suit (for baby)

- inexpensive but uplifting toiletries eg a nice face spritz from the Body Shop and some decent hand cream

- sudocrem, Lansinoh, other basic nappy bag supplies

- a soft wash cloth and sponge for bathing baby, plus a couple of soft baby towels (will never forget those awful clinical wipes I had to use to bath my son, and the scratchy hard towels afterwards!)

- flip flops rather than soft slippers (or maybe both. Definitely flip flops or crocs though!)

- pyjamas that can double as "lounge wear" in case of unexpected visitors / nurses dropping in. I like the patterned stuff from Joules.

- maybe your own pillowcase and sheets from home (in my MBU we had rubbery hospital ones which were really uncomfortable).

- something like a Sudoko book, or adult colouring in, or whatever mindless/mindful activity you enjoy. Some DVD boxsets or favourite films you can watch in the tv room.

- Food: I'd pack a survival box of nonperishable foods eg granola bars, dried fruit and nuts, boxes of juice (including prune juice!), packets of oatcakes, rice puddings, custard pots etc etc.

Hope this helps!


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