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Anyone taken contraception post delivery (first week) as a preventative measure for pp?

Hi - sorry to post again, it's just difficult to get advice with a rare condition!

As you know, I'm due 5th July. I'm under a MH practitioner, MH consultant, MH midwife and have had consultation with prof Jones.

I have an excellent plan in place - protected sleep by family doing night feeds, low dose of antipsychotic on delivery, sleeping tablets as needed. I'm not even anxious about getting ill as I will get better if I do and I don't think it could ever be as bad as last time.

I just wondered though whether taking the progesterone only contraceptive pill shortly after delivery (maybe day 4/5) would be an extra prevention? None of the professionals I've asked can answer as they don't know anyone who's done this and the pill is usually after 21 days.

My logic was that it might stop such a huge drop in hormones but my mum thinks my idea is stupid as she says it would be the first thing tried but then surely I'd get a no from professionals?

Anyway, it's not essential that I get replies as I'm confident my plan is good regardless

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Hi Mims2014, it's great that you have a good care plan in place & have expert advice from your specialist consultation. It's really great to hear that you feel confident & well prepared too. There are a few threads on here discussing progesterone (I'll post the links when I find them or you can do a search) but basically it used to be popular a long time ago but there's no evidence to say it works & it fell out of favour due to evidence showing it could actually increase the risk of PND. Obviously some may have other views & nobody really knows yet, but it's not recommended by NICE so it's not something we'd promote. I hope that helps & good luck with everything on the 5th! x


Hi Mims2014,

I don't have anything to add in terms of advice (as I've only had 1 baby) but wanted to say that it's great to hear that you've got such a good care plan in place - well done!

Wishing you all the best over the coming weeks and months. Whatever happens, you have done all you can, and you'll have the most gorgeous baby that will make it all worth it.

Lots of love,

Jessie x


Hi Mims2014, its' great to hear your update and that you have good plans in place. I think I have replied to you before sharing the things we did after a 2nd baby, and it sounds like you have it all in hand. Having MH professionals involved is really brilliant.

I don't know anything about the hormone pill you mention, and this wasn't something we did. As you're already looking at the low dose of anti-psychotic, with sleeping pills as needed, I would guess that that may address things already medication wise. As Andrea has noted, the NICE Guidelines are a good source of information too.

I'm glad to hear that you have been reassured that you have done what you can, this was also my mindset. All the best with the coming weeks and months, we'd love to hear any updates if you get chance and would like to let us know how you are getting on. Take care, xx


Hi Mims 2014,

I can't remember who it was on here that shared their experience about progesterone treatment as a preventative. I think it was perhaps a rather experimental preventative treatment suggested maybe 10/15yrs ago by a particular Dr. I think there were a couple of people on here that stated that they had that type of treatment and seemed to work for them. However I don't think the science backed it. Although really there's probably not enough studies to show alternative treatments. Besides which you have other precautions in place so assuming that it doesn't interfere with any of your other medications or that there are other reasons not to take it there's no real harm I suppose.

Good Luck with the next couple of months. It can be a daunting time. Don't forget we are always here for support.


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