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How to get more support/ raise more money

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My sister just messaged me this!

I'm going to challenge myself by running a marathon a month from Nov this yr to oct next yr and try to raise as much money for action on PPP as possible xx

How can I get more support?

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hi Betty2014

this sounds really great! It's always good to challenge ourselves and I know APP will appreciate the thought of fundraising for them as a charity. You can set up a page on JustGiving or another online facility and APP is a charity you can select. I did a 5k recently for them (not as far as your marathon, that's amazing, even split over time!) I don't know if you are on Facebook but sharing on there or other social media can be good. If you contact APP they can also link to it.

I also found that the good old fashioned paper sponsorship form works well! Good luck! Xx

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Hi Betty

That's really amazing you want to do a marathon and raise money for APP, thanks so much!

I just wanted to reiterate what spannerb said, that APP can really support you with it by giving you advice how to set it up, T-Shirt/s etc... if you email our main email address we can forward it onto our trustee who deals with fundraising who can support you with everything. The main APP email is

Lot's of luck with the training and marathon!!


Thank you for ur reply, it's my sister who is running the marathons, I'm not sure if I will be taking part. Does that make a difference?

I'll give them an email x

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Ellie_at_APPAdministrator in reply to betty2014

No of course not, just tell your sister to write to us too. That is so great she's running for us. X

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Marathon!! eek! I'm doing a 5k and think that's far enough! Good luck! I've tried contacting local rotary clubs, free masons and local businesses for support but no such look so.

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