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News stories. (trigger warning)

In Melbourne overnight it has been confirmed that a 15mth has tragically died as the result of her mother being (I assume) unwell. I'm not sure this story is about PP but it definitely reminds me of the possibility of the tragedy that can occur due to PP. 

I'm often confronted by these stories and am unsure how to respond. I'm definitely sad for the child but am also angry that this can go on. As I said I'm not sure this is PP related but really even if it isn't surely the poor woman was so desperate. Why do we not support others in their hour of need. I'm feeling very sad about the whole situation. 

In response,  I'm sending positive vibes to all those on here that need it. We are all great mums even if sometimes we don't feel it. Please ask for help if you are feeling down. 

Remember we all need help sometimes. 

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I'm with you on this, I don't know how to feel about it.  So very very sad. I can't help thinking the system has failed the mother.

We will probably never know if she has PP, but even if she does, very few will ever understand or offer her any sympathy. 

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Isn't it strange the different perspectives our life experience can give? I have seen too many Facebook posts saying "I knew she did it", "how could she be so cruel to an innocent child".....

My reaction instead was "how could she feel so desperate, and who has failed to support her to be the mum she could be...."

The mum is only 22, with a 15month old, so who knows what her life circumstances are that led to this tragedy....

Thankful for this community, and the support I had through my illness that protected me and my children from the unimaginable.....


Hi All

I would agree it is really painful to read any news stories where tragedies such as this happen. I have similar thoughts to you all, we just don't know what the personal story is of the person, and how desperate they may have felt.  As you say, you don't know what this woman's story was.

As we all know PP, especially if people don't have the right information and support, can lead to tragedy in a really small amount of cases. That's why I think it's so important we try to raise awareness of the condition, among professionals but also with mothers and families (for example antenatal classes, training for professionals etc) and also campaign for all women to get the support they need (such as mother and baby unit etc).

Thanks for posting, and take care all in reading about any of these stories, they can be really upsetting and bring up painful memories I find.


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