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Hi. I was wondering if anyone else had any weird physical symptoms? I had ppp last year after the birth of my daughter. On the rare occasion that I slept, I would wake up trembling and so cold. It was like a cold that I had never felt before. I had this in the weeks before I developed ppp and wondered if anyone else had experienced anything like this. I had hallucinations, both visual and auditory and paranoia. I also would choke if I ate or drank anything and was convinced that the devil was doing this to me, and that I was in hell (literally ). I would collapse on the floor if I tried to walk and struggle to breathe as well. Has anyone else had anything similar?

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Welcome to the forum!

I just wanted to point you in the direction of another post that was started recently, if you haven't already seen it, which weirdly is a similar topic to yours:

I did have physical symptoms too, though not weeks before the PP started. I remember being very very hot in the hospital when I went into A&E to the point they had a fan right on me and were trying to cool me down. I also know that I had strange muscle stiffness and was prescribed muscle relaxants but only vaguely remember this.

It's such a strange illness isn't it, and mind and body are so linked.

I hope that you are recovering well.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, getting there slowly. It does make you grateful for what you have though- support from a wonderful loving family. When you've een 5hrough something like pp, you feel like you've been given a second chance at life. X

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Hello freynlewsmum1

Thank you for your interesting post.

I didn't really experience any physical symptoms before PP struck twice, apart from being admitted a week early with my first son due to high blood pressure. Your PP experience will strike a chord with many of us here who have also suffered visual and auditory hallucinations, all very real and frightening at the time.

You have done really well to be in recovery so soon after such a traumatic experience. As you say, I'm sure the support of your loving family has helped. Recovering from PP does give a completely different outlook on life and I'm also very grateful that the team at APP were so understanding when I had the good fortune to read an article offering support.

I'm glad to hear you are recovering slowly and wish you many happy times with your daughter and family. We are all here if you would like to talk at anytime.

Be good to yourself and take care.

you've been trough it twice? Has anyone in your family ever had it before??

Hi Freynlewsmum1,

Welcome to the forum. I just recently commented on the other post, so have a look at my strange headache comment. I had many other experiences that are so difficult to explain. At one point I thought I was in labour again and was lying on the floor of the postnatal ward screaming as though in agony. It was hell for me too.

How are you feeling now? xxx

I'm feeling alot better now. Still have input from cmht, as been experiencing some anxiety about returning to work but every day makes you so grateful. So so lucky. And the mother and baby unit ( brockington) saved my life no exaggeration. Hope you are ok now?

I would wake in shear terror, also had the freezing thing. Also barely slept for a whole year. I had so many crazy physical symptoms. Flashing lights in my vision, tinnitus, severe headaches, inabilty to feel hunger or thirst. my whole system just went haywire. I'm much better now, thank God.

That Happened to me too, wow its so strange to hear this from someone, something i went through. At the beginning i started to feel ill. I had like flu symptoms and even got tested for it. But while waiting for results things got worst and i developed ppp.

Yes I was really really restless and my heart rate was through the roof before I had my baby. I couldn't rest , my legs were so restless. I started writing down a lot of things including phone numbers incase I lost my phone after I had my baby. I too have had ppp twice . Although not as bad this time(my baby is 9 months and am on medication ) was detained and had ect the first time. It's an awful illness

Thank to all who have replied. It's so reassuring to hear from others who have had pp. I'm so glad I've found this forum! Have been feeling so isolated. Although my family have been so supportive, Ivery not wanted to burden them by talking about what I experienced. And it's reassuring to know that others have experienced similar things. It's been such a tram a difficult time.

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Hello freynlewsmum1

I'm glad you have found all the replies here reassuring. The forum is a great place to talk to mums who have had similar experiences. I'm sorry you have felt isolated but you are definitely not alone now as we are all here to support you.

In answer to your earlier reply to me, I did have PP twice, the first time 'out of the blue'. Thankfully no other women in my family have had 'it'. I can understand that you don't want to burden your family but it does help to talk about your experience and I hope you can do this with your care team? I'm so pleased you had good care in the mother and baby unit. I was in general psychiatric care when I was 23 and 29 but eventually fully recovered.

I'm not surprised you were a little anxious about returning to work. You are doing really well considering it's not long since you had PP. It took me just over two years to be confident enough to consider returning to work, even part-time.

Take good care of yourself. We are all here to lean on.

Thank you so much for your reassuring words. Yes feel stronger each day although my confidence was shattered for a while- both as a mum, wife and as a person in general. Pp makes you really look at how you have led your like, appreciate what you've got and realise how fragile life is.

Stay strong x

Hi freynlewsmum1

It really is the best forum isn't it, I've only just recently found it and it's helped me immensely to have someone who understands to talk to.

Your post about being freezing reminded me of my experience, it was while I was in the psych unit, it was the middle of summer in Australia so around 40 degrees celcius and I was freezing. I literally had 8 blanket's on me at night and I sat outside one day in this heat, got completely sunburnt but still just felt freezing. Of course none of the staff cared so i don't know if I had a fever or it was a reaction to medication or whether it was all in my head. Very strange though. I also didn't feel hunger or thirst, I went days without a thing. My family would try to force feed me but everything made me gag. I also seemed to have incredibly sensitive hearing, I could hear cars from miles away, our house is usually fairly silent but during PP it was incredibly noisy to me, every little noise was amplified.

Glad you're recovering well. x

Hi maxi0501

Isn't it odd that so many should have such similar experiences?! I too had no appetite or Thirst I was convinced I'd choke anyway. It sounds like you really went through a traumatic time as so many women have with pp. I've only just found this forum a few days ago and have told my husband how much more positive I feel already just knowing that I'm not alone in my experience. I hope that you are doing well now and too feel positive?

I am feeling really positive now thank you, feel like I've accepted it and I'm now dealing with it and getting a plan together in the hope it doesn't happen again if I decide to have a second baby. X

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