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A year after PPS

Well a year ago today I was put into a mental health unit and no one in my area knew what to do with me how to handle me I had never had any mental health issues before , I was locked away in a horrible place with some very scary people away from my husband and even worse my baby who was only a couple of days old I was treated horrible in there and was so scared but I had terrible signs of PPS i thought the strangest things thought I was seeing things thought I was hearing voices Intill I was finally diagnosed with PPS and a mother and baby unit was found for me and after 10 long days I could finally be with my little girl and bond with her , it's a year on and I'm 100% back to my self it was a tough year recovering mainly getting over the depresstion and horrible memories that stay with u but I made it I'm better and I have a amazing little girl that turned one and I'm loving life and taking everyday as it comes but enjoying it very much you can do it ladies we can recover 100% and be back to our selfs again and this site helped me a lot to recover I had a lady that emailed me every other day and I could talk to her about anything and she helped me recover and realize I wasn't alone and it WAS going to get better

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Hello Kirstielou09

Thank you so much for coming back to the forum one year on after a tough year. It's really good to hear that you feel 100% recovered. It's such a relief isn't it when the good days outweigh the not so good?

I'm glad you found the peer supporter so helpful. It's very important to have contact during recovery so that you don't feel alone going through the ups and downs.

Wishing you the best of times in the future.

Take good care of yourself.

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Hi. So glad to hear your better. Your story sounded very similar to mine. I was locked away for a month over Xmas & new year without my partner or my 3 month old baby girl. It sas very very scary. And the first few weeks i thought i was in prison. I had lots of bad thoughts and hallucinations. I was diagnosed with pp and I must admit the first 2 weeks I was in a really bad way and don't remember much. But after 4 treatments of E C T I was pretty much back to my old self. Now after nearly 3 yrs I'm back to my old self. I would say I felt 'back to normal' a yr later making Xmas 2014 a much nicer one! For everyone out there .... you will feel better with time x x This forum certainly helped me too. Thank you x x

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Hi Kirstielou09,

Thanks for coming to the forum and sharing your experience, it's good to hear that you are feeling better and have benefitted from the shared experiences here and on a 1:1 email. The anniversaries of times when we were ill, whether birthdays, Christmas, the day we were admitted or even discharged from hospital, it always stays with us but somehow gets easier I think. My PP episode was a few years ago now and I can say that with each passing year, I can celebrate more on how far we have come as a family, even through the toughest of times.

Congratulations on the first year and all the best for the more to come, with lots of great memories to be made I'm sure! xx


It's so lovely to read your story, kirstie lou, well done with your recovery. I have also found reading the forum helped me a lot in my first year, I never posted anything but read it a lot. I think it's so good for people to know it is possible to feel good again xxxx


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