Wonderful to see so many posts!

I just wanted to say how wonderful it is to see so many posts on here recently, I suffered PP back in 2012 and found and still do find comfort and reassurance on the forum.

I have asked the odd question, replied to a post here and there and dip in and out of the forum pretty regularly - at times, there's been a couple of weeks or so between posts but lately there's been a flurry, I think it's fantastic - well done APP for continuing to raise awareness and your profile, well done to all the wonderful volunteers and well done to everyone for finding a voice, and each other.

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  • Hi Bramble7

    I'd agree, it's so good to have the forum busy with such amazing support being given by everyone!

    It's so good to hear how supportive you have found APP and this forum. APP and this forum has been life changing for me. I think without it I would have felt lonely, isolated, feeling like I had failed as a mum etc... but I think because of APP and this forum I feel part of this amazing group of brave women, and feel really proud of our strength, and the support we give each other.

  • I completely agree - and I suffered from PP in 1972.

  • Hello Bramble

    We are so privileged that mums feel comfortable and supported coming to the forum. APP made such a difference to how I felt about myself when I had the good fortune to see an ad' in the local paper and met some of the amazing team. Although my PP was a long time ago, I hope my posts are helpful as I well remember the ups and downs to recovery.

    It's a really great place to 'meet' mums from all walks of life who have been in the same boat at one time or another ......to be reassured they are not alone makes such a difference.

    Take good care.

  • I totally agree, it's wonderful to see so much action here! Everyone makes it such a great community with high quality & supportive posts, questions & replies. My wish is that every PP mum/partner/Grandparent, whether they're affected by PP now or years ago, finds us & gets the support/friendship that's out there. Great stuff!

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