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Holiday Insurance

I'm going on a trip to the US this summer and looking into holiday insurance. Do I need to declare my PPP and PND? I'm totally fine now and medication free for two years (my son is 3.5yo). The docs have said it is very unlikely to come back, only if I have another baby. I don't like not being totally honest, but as mental health is so misunderstood - especially PPP I don't want a hefty bill. Any other experiences with this, or companies that you'd recommend? Ta all

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Hi hackneygirl

Good question about holiday insurance for PP as it's one I queried with the insurance company a few years ago. I experienced PP in September 2010 and went away in September 2012. My situation is slightly different as I was still on medication. When I got insurance they asked if anyone had any health issues and/or were on any medication, I was taking an anti-psychotic, so I declared this. I think we had to pay a little bit extra. We had insurance through nationwide.

I did explain that I was taking medication for a condition post child birth which was very unlikely to come back as I had this 2 years ago but they still noted me as being at risk. Perhaps this was because it is possible that a relapse can occur or may be due to the fact I was on medication. On the policy we received it stated suffered from post natal psychosis. It was confusing as I thought you only needed to mention pre-existing conditions.

It's difficult as insurance companies have different policies. It may be worth looking around for insurance and mentioning the condition as it'll put your mind at rest. I was reluctant to mention my medication when booking our insurance but I thought it best to be covered.

Hope that helps. Perhaps others have had experience of this too.

Good luck finding insurance and enjoy your holiday xx

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Hi, I alerted my travel insurance company...but I am still on Sertraline. They responded that they would not insure anything related to this illness as it was pre-existing! Nice! X

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I would definately declare it as your insurance could be totally void if you don't, even if you have to make a claim for something completely unrelated.

Also, if you were sectioned I would cover yourself by asking for a letter from your GP/psychiatrist, etc. confirming you're ok, not just or solely for your insurance company but to take with you for entry - I haven't been to the U.S. since I suffered PP but when I looked into it, I believe its prudent to have a letter and, if and when I next travel to the US, this is something I will do.


Posted too early sorry! i was just going to round off by saying, hope my post doesn't read too formal and or negative and , most importantly of all, Have a FABulous holiday :-)


Thanks for your advice all. I think I will declare it to be on safe side. I wasn't sectioned so that shouldn't be a problem Bramble (and ps don't worry - didn't sound negative!).

Also just noticed the tags that my post has got (I assume these are automatically generated)

Mental Baby.

Couldn't have put it better myself.

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