Can i refuse to go to a mother and baby unit if i dont feel i need too

I have 2 boys aged 3 and 4 months i had been feeling fine til a few weeks ago wen i had like a break down kinda thing since then i have suffered gteatly with anxiety as i was struggling a bit i wennt to see the doctor she put me on anti depressants and reffered me to a mother and baby unit which i agreed to as i was not aware what it was and after doin sum research i feel strongly that i do not want to go not only because i dont feel that ill but because i do not want to leave my eldest for that long so my question is can i refuse if so what will happen if i do and can they force me to go thanks

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  • Hi Xangiex

    Really sorry to hear you are struggling so much with anxiety at the moment. Our community is run by volunteers with experience of postpartum psychosis - and I wondered whether you have been given this diagnosis?

    With psychosis hospital treatment is almost alway recommended as symptoms can quickly become very severe and in some cases mothers may become at risk of harming themselves. The only circumstances in which hospital treatment would be compulsory (being 'sectioned') is if there is a clear risk to your safety or your family's safety because you have become so unwell.

    You do have the right to say you would prefer to be treated at home, this would often be with support from a mental health team (sometimes called a Crisis Team or Crisis Resolution Team). These teams can visit you regularly and would help you to monitor your symptoms and how you are coping at home. But very importantly this team can recommend and arrange hospital treatment if things deteriorate. It would be worth you asking your GP if you could have this type of support in the first instance.

    If you do have psychosis or your anxiety symptoms get very difficult to manage at home, it is really worth considering some time in an MBU. Many of our forum members can share their very positive experiences of the support given to help treat their mental health but also in bonding with their baby and gaining confidence ready to go home. Your partner and older child would be able to visit and usually a course of MBU treatment gives you chance to try overnight and weekend visits at home to build your recovery.

    Thinking of you as you make decisions and talk through the dr's recommendations with your partner. We are here any time you need to chat.


  • Thanks for the reply i am queeried postnatal depression with psycotic traits i dont know how simular that is to pp the doc didnt tell me much i have an appointment with her tomoz so i will definatly ask wat home support is avalible in my area

  • Hi Xangiex

    Hope it goes well with the doctor today and you can have a good conversation clarifying your diagnosis. Whatever happens next with your care and treatment we are here to chat - and will do all we can to support you.

    Glad you found the forum.

    Warm wishes


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