Aussies and New Zealanders??

Just checking in again, to see if there are any Australians or New Zealanders on this blog?

Such a fantastic international resource and support to many, but sometimes its also helpful to chat with those mixing in the same health service, or slightly different lingo, or perhaps even be willing to meet up locally.

We have set up a closed facebook group to connect Australian and New Zealand women more personally, as a supportive network.

Send me your details if you would like to join us :)


Two beautiful kids, two horrible experiences of PP in 2009 and 2013.

PANDA Community Champion, Sydney Australia.

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  • Yes, I'm aussie

  • Hey there! We live near melb 😊

  • I live near Melbourne too if any of you ladies would ever like to meet up for a coffee 😊

  • I'm from Melbourne.

  • Hi Deb. I'm from Adelaide and been thinking about local support - and perhaps how I could help out with support for mums with pp. fantastic that you have set up the face book group - would love to join! Had pp in 2012 and can not recommend the PANDA helpline highly enough! Let me know how to send you my details so I can join the group.

    Xx Anna

  • Adelaide here too, but have been pretty hesitant to engage with any local support for PP as a lot of it is focused on kids and playdates which I can't really be a part of and it is pretty upsetting and alienating. I've got a group of (mostly women) people I met when I was at one of the intermediate care centres and we've kept in touch, and there's a bipolar group at MIFSA that I sometimes go along to.

  • I am in Queensland. Xo

  • Have sent you all private messages :) Looking forward to getting to know each other, and introducing you to some other Aussie/NZ PP women :)


  • I'm in Sydney and new to this forum :)

  • Im in New Zealand

  • Hi there, i would be interested in joining the group.I live in Wollongong and I had postnatal psychosis after the birth of both my boys in 2013 and 2015 and though i am pretty much tecovered (apart from difficulties losing weight from being on olanzapine ) i am a strong believer in still speaking out and connecting with others who experienced something similar.

    Happy to be contacted:-)

  • Please see my other post, about research opportunity in Australia :)

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