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Breathing and anxiety


I’ve asked this before but I’m really only posting for my own reassurance and would appreciate any and all comments. Is it common to have shortness of breath or a feeling of breathing difficulty frequently if not most of the time if I have GAD?

I do have asthma but I don’t know if it’s that or the GAD or a combination of both. 24/7 symptoms are extremely scary and tricky.

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Breathlessness is certainly a common symptom of GAD. Anxiety often makes itself known in that part of the body where we have a weakness so maybe the anxiety is reviving the asthma a bit.

One of my main symptoms and it was terrible. I'd wake up out of breath, I'd freak out when doing exercises and getting out of breath. If I got breathless I'd panic even more then nearly hyperventilate, I never actually did but almost. You have to try and control your breathing or just let your body go with it

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