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Anxiety about being sick


It all started when i was 5 years old and I probably ate something bad and i got sick and nauseous and vomited. I remember having a panick attack and since then every time i vomit im having panick attacks throughout a whole day. Lately they started happening when i feel nauseous, too. I have general anxiety and my first symptom is nausea so im stuck in this loop of being nauseous because i have anxiety and having anxiety because i feel sick. It takes a lot of energy and vitamins and sometimes prescription pills to calm myself, but i feel like im not living my life to the fullest. Also i feel so alone in this because ive never herd of someone having this phobia and i want to see if there is someone else out there that has this

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I can not and will not vomit. I was 4 when it past happened. Woke up in the middle of the night throwing up couldn't breathe scared the sh** out of me. Ever since then will hold it in and it finds it's way out the other way. It sets my anxiety off and starts many of my panic attacks, doesn't help with IBS at all. Deep breaths and pray it quickly passes that's what I do. Therapy couldn't help me with it I tried for years. Hope this helps, I get it quite often and I have learned to sit in the bathroom, breathe and distract myself with a game or reading this site. Gentle hugs you can get through this, you've proven that time and again.

This one is super common.

Our folks did a number on alot of us when we were kids about this.

There is help for this one. Find a therapist and work a plan to get over this one. As much as you want a quick fix a slow and steady plan will work the best.

It is one of the most common phobia's out there.

I have this phobia too, badly!! X

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