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Does anyone experience this?

So I’ve been having a hard time sleeping more and more lately it seems to be come more common So basically I’ve been suffering with anxiety this year.. at first I thought it was from just a heavy night of drinking or something because that was the only time I would get it the day after...but now even on a normal day where I’m productive and haven’t touched alcohol I keep experiencing this weird sensation when I try to fall asleep basically right before falling into a deep sleep my body wakes me up and mid panic as if I wasn’t breathing with a heavy chest and numbness/tingling in left arm leg shortness of breath and fear! I just don’t understand it makes me never want to sleep with fear of not waking up! I’m so down about this and it’s happening so much now! I’ve never blogged but figured I try it out! Anything helps! 😔

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I have had this and my doctor is sending for a sleep study. It is hard for me to go to sleep and even harder to sleep through the whole night without waking up. Have you brought this up to your doctor?


Well, don't know much about the physical symptoms...maybe need a good physical, or maybe it's anxiety raising it's ugly head in a different way. I have insomnia, and some nights just don't go to bed cause I know even with some med help it's pointless. I have learned that insomnia is very common in the US due to our general life style. Just wanted you to know you are going to wake up once you are able to get a good night's sleep.


Yes, I absolutely experience this same thing, exactly as you describe it. It is terrifying and uncomfortable. I also sometimes fear going to bed if I am in a “cycle” of this happening, which of course ramps up my anxiety and... causes it to happen. It’s just another awful symptom of struggling with anxiety and I am so sorry you are dealing with it right now.

If it offers some comfort, I find that my episodes of this come in waves. Once I can get my rational mind to tell my anxious mind that if it happens, it’s s benign symptom of my anxiety and not a medical problem, I can settle myself down and go back to sleep properly. Once I am able to do that once or twice, my mind follows suit with settling down in general and I’ll go back to a phase of sleeping fine again. Maybe look up some short guided meditations for grounding during anxiety, and have it on your phone ready to go? I find that listening to one, breathing and grounding myself helps a LOT!

Good luck and I hope this eases up for you soon.


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