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Confused. Opinions?

Never thought I'd be back to this site but I'm back. So I've been having horrible sinuses issues and it's all brought back my anxiety, recently new symptoms have arisen in the last few days alongside pain up right nose, congestion massively, pain in front of head, extreme tiredness and nose permanently blocked, and now this weird tingling sensation all over my head like if I touch it it feels like someone else does after. I'm petrified it's MS that's where the anxiety is probably in play telling me it's that. I had headaches a month ago and fully been checked out CT scans normal bloods normal. I do suffer from sinus issues but the tingling in my head is weird can sinus issues do this? Any support would be appreciated as I've lost a lot of people over my worrying and now on my own dealing with it. I'm 21 btw.

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Also forgot to mention face feels very gluey and ears are full and I'm cold all the time I don't know if I have a sinus infection again and I'm coming down with something, thoughts?


I feel you Ollybolly. I have this ongoing sinus infection and had the same symptoms like yours - dizziness/light headedness, ears full, tingling sensation inside my brain.

These sensations makes me feel anxious so I Googled and found in some articles that sinusitis can also bring anxiety. I forgot which article I read it on but you can Google search something like “sinusitis anxiety” as keyword.


I recognise exactly your issues......I suffeted for months with this, eventually saw a different doctor who immediately said 'typical sinus' and prescribed BECONASE SPRAY......within days the symptoms had disappeared........try it...good luck.


My brother suffered badly with sinusitis - he was advice to take Ibrufen, which was very effective,and finally brought him relief. Give it a try. Hope you feel better soon.


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