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Happy New Year? 😐

Sorry to be a new years party pooper . During the holidays as I get older the more anxiety and depressed I become . I am so disappointed in myself , i am usually a trooper that keeps going with a chin up. My siblings fight and exhaust me , some of us don’t even talk. My parents died when I was younger and thats how I got my anxiety. I have a great kid ( who is now in college) and family , and forever thankful. But just seems I am more down during the holidays and exhausted , my moods are up and down . My sibling Family hurts and makes me lonely, because I refuse to be toxic like most of them, so I don’t hang around them. Just makes me wonder does it ever get easier with extended family . Does it seems like holidays are a struggle as we get older? 😐 . Happy New Year everyone , hope the new years brings us more strength, health and happiness .

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Thkdiffgirl, I think whatever our age or season of life that we are in, it's best to leave the door open when it comes to family interactions. Holidays are the times we seem to feel it the most. As we go through life experiences, it's best to be more laid back and greet it with a smile. It will certainly reduce the stress. Happy New Year....xx


Thank you xo

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