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Hopefully this gives people with health anxiety some relief

Before I say anything just wanna share that I too have Health Anxiety.. I worry about any pain, any feeling, etc.. I read a few days ago about why we shouldnt worry & I’d like to share that with you. Even though this wont make us stop worrying, hopefully it can cause some type of relief.

1. If the feeling just came out of nowhere. You’re most likely fine. (If you’ve only been suffering your symptoms for a day or two, then being sick — while a possibility— is way down the list. Most symptoms sort themselves out given time. If not, get your doc to check.)

2. Symptoms that have been there for ages. (Had that bad back, headache, cough or whatever for years? Then it’s highly unlikely to be cancer. After all, it would have made you very ill, or even finished you off, by now. So a long-term problem might be a pain but the silver lining is it’s nothing sinister.)

3. Symptoms that come and go. (Thats not how a deadly disease works. It’ll be always there and always getting worse.”

4. You’ve got a painful lump. (Most lumps aren’t cancerous — although they need checking if they’re new. And most cancerous lumps don’t hurt. So a painful lump is very unlikely to be anything sinister.)

5. You have a headache with no other symptoms. (Admit it. You’re worried you’ve got a brain tumour. Well I have good news: The stats are reassuring, with the odds being less than one in a thousand. It’s different if you’ve got other new symptoms, though, such as fits. In which case, it’s time for an urgent scan.)

ANYWAYS! Im not a doctor so i do not take any responsibility for anyone’s health. Im just sharing things to ease our anxieties. But if you’re ever concerned about something. Relax and see your doctor.

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Very good post. Those aches and pains will definitely let you worry all day long.

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