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Had fun today but now its feeling something is wrong once again

Right now i feel wierd what should i do and should i talk about it docter about this serious problem thats going to make me go crazy i keep getting bounding pulse like my neck pulse keeps beating hard and fast with i get pressure tighness in my neck when it happens sometimes my head feels real strange like if it goes numb then goes away but yeah right now its happening it happens everyday mostly the bounding pulse in my neck that goes fast and hard then i get a titness in my neck and pressure that comes then it leave after a while but when it happen i start moving twiching my whole body so i can try to relax its really strange i get headaches but comes and goes mostly all the time and everyday what can it be something wrong with my pulse ir heart seriously feel like docters are not checking right im annoyed i did smoke a bit of some hookah today and drank like two drinks of acholo and thats it but i dont know i think something is wrong with my health or with my body i notice when i was drinking i was getting some muscle twiches aswell like spasms moving around by its self and i was like what the hell is wrong but i didnt pay it no midn and went away the most one that worried me the nost is my pulse doing this with my neck and getting tite and pressure and the heart thats all its crazy but goodnight thanks guys.

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Johnnie, by all means talk with your doctor but not because it's a serious problem but because it has become a chronic problem that you need some relief with. The headaches coming and going are usually tension headache due to the muscles in your neck and shoulders being so tight.

Don't forget today was a stimulating day for you being your birthday and celebrating. Having a couple alcoholic drinks always puts anxiety over the edge. See how you feel tomorrow and next time you see your doctor have a talk with him about your concerns and how difficult it has been in dealing with this for almost a year now.

Goodnight Johnnie Hope you sound asleep by now.


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