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Nobody understands me ....

How come my heart always speeding fast and when im not doing anything like layingdown i always get headaches and my pulse is trying to speed up on me fast and beating hard to the point i can feel it back in my head and fingers and behind my leg my pulse beating fast and i get these really bad muscle spasms another thing is i went out to eat lastnight with ny girl friend and i get this feeling like was going to die pass out and like dizzy and my girlfriend ask me if i was ok she sort of looked at me like she knew something was wrong i felt like my head was numb and strange and my vision looked strange like a dream couldnt even finish eating my food even when i was eating i was getting like a sharp pain in my back left side that would go through to the front like both sides front and back it was crazy im like what is wrong with me all this been actually been causing me bad head aches for no reason ugh . i cant enjoy myself anymore plus my birthday is in a week .

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Johnnie I get the same way.

I could have wrote this..

What happens to me is I'm out with whoever and I'm already in a anxious state.. freaking out in my mind like "omg my heart..i feel dizzy...omg I'm gonna faint.. etc etc" then someone looks at me and says "Are you okay?" And I start getting all the same symptoms as you... I think in my head "They know!! See I'm not okay! HELP Omg omg"

I went to counseling for awhile for this.

Something in your life happened that first made you panic or become anxious. From there you started feeling the symptoms of anxiety/stress... which scare you even more... it just goes round and round. It's a vicious cycle. You'll never get out of the state your in unless you accept that this is all from stress and anxiety. It's just your mind playing tricks on you unfortunately

And I feel like you might need some outside assistance to help you with acceptance. Whether it be counseling combined with medication... or just whatever will help you

I hope you have a great birthday coming up. X


yeah but im not thinking about it at all its just happening physically in my body all the sympthoms at the same time its not my mind and i know it . and thank you so much.

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That’s great advise there from Elizabeth. I have this every day. For the last 3 years now. And slowly realising I have a problem. I freeze muscle spasms heart racing chest pains arms tingle legs shake. It’s a vile feeling. But I know now I’m over thinking. Putting my self under pressure for what? I talk to it in my mind. Say “your nothing. Your just in my mind trying to scare me. And ready to fight this. Then I shake it off. But some days I still lose. Stress and a build up of things take over. It’s so scarey and I feel your pain. But I find this forum helps also.

Reading how so many people have this same problem. So I know we are not alone in this.

All best to you.


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