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Green tea is the miracle that cures deppersion and anxiety read my fourmThanks if u are struggling with chronic anxiety

green tea is like the cure for anxiety I have chronic severe anxiety and conversion disorder and bipolar 1 disorder and manic depression and a lot more disorders bec when I was 7 years old I had a fever of 106 and it fried my brain bec my stupid doctor didn't believe my parents that I had nominal Pneumonia and over the years I began to get disorders after disorders I take like 25 pills a day and I have never felt better and I drunk green tea and my depression is gone and so is all my other problems I feel like green tea helps lower anxiety and depression and stress I have never felt better in my life I also have figured out if you are having a panic attack like I have had in the past like a massive on witch causes Derealization witch is a massive panic attack witch makes u paranoid and makes u feel high like pot does its very scary and u want to die but I take clonzapam for my anxiety helps fight it but nothing like this green tea ive had this is a miracle if u want to stop a panic attack drink pickle juice I also have found out that help panic attacks really does! I promise :)

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You're right, the L-theanine that occurs naturally in green tea reduces levels of cortisol which peak at 8 a.m. and can cause anxiety. I start the day with a cup every morning.


Which brand of greem tea do you use


Green tea may not do this for everyone tbh also green tea has caffiene so that may enhance anxiety for some people im glad it works for you though but it may be an enemy to someone else just a heads up :) not everything will work for everyone :)

Cashews on the other hand help anxiety and depression


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