Is this some kind of dp/dr? Can anyone relate

I'm wondering if what I am experiencing is some form of depersonalisation. It's hard to describe exactly how I feel. I don't feel dreamlike or unreal like I've heard dp described but I have this really weird feeling about myself like my inner person isn't who I thought I was or is alien to me in somehow. I get this weird feeling like I'm not me or that I'm somehow different and I get a massive knot of dread and fear in my stomach and surge of a weird feeling like I am recoiling from myself and a weird emotion I can't describe like it's unbearable to be in my own skin and live my life doing normal things I usually do everyday without thinking about. I get an overwhelming feeling I can't cope. Also when in this state I try to ground my sense of self by thinking about memories of my past but it's like I can't feel how I felt then, or it's like I felt this terrible dread feeling then even though I know intellectually and logically I didn't. I feel like something inside me has changed. I also get this weird guilty shameful feeling like I'm in some way bad. I feel scared of myself and my mind/emotions and have the compelling urge to keep checking inwards and self monitor. I get this weird feeling like everything I have done in my life was fake along with a feeling of inner panic. Can anyone relate? Also get a weird feeling when watching people on tv. A terrible bleak feeling comes over me and I almost feel like I have done whatever they are doing (I know I haven't ) but with this horrible dark ugly depressing feeling. Very bizarre. Can anyone remotely relate or have I completely lost my mind?


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  • From time to time I get feelings of déjà vu, not quite a panic episode, which most definitely is a combination of depersonalize/detached feeling from ones self, throw in some nausea, lightheadedness, heart palpitations. For me I guesss it leaves me with a feeling of dread, which is truly disgusting. These are moments which last anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes or so. This summer I had a episode while talking with my brother, I didn't understand what he was saying because I had moment of disturbance in which I didn't know who he was! Odd but true. It lasted 5 to 6 seconds before I could get a grip of reality. The tired overworked mind is responsible. Accept these feelings and sensations as temporary, in time with acceptance they become less important.

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