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What is the cause of your suffering?

As some of you know, my recovery from anxiety was helped massively by a website created by Paul David who suffered from anxiety for 10 years. The website and blog provides all the information you need to recover from panic and anxiety naturally and urge you to visit and fully absorb what he is telling you.

His approach is exactly the same as the approach described by Dr Claire Weekes in her books, and the advice I have been posting on this website. If followed, recovery will find you, as sure as night follows day because your mind and body heals in the way nature intended. You just need to stop interfering with the healing process.

The following message written by Paul describes why people continue to suffer.

" It I is not always how you feel that causes your suffering, it is your rejection of your current state that does. When you reject something you either try and suppress it or you fight to get rid of it and both of these take tremendous effort and energy. So most of your suffering is caused by the extra turmoil in your mind created when you fight with the moment physically or mentally. It is the extra tension created by your refusal to accept what is happening in the moment. But this is what is happening in the moment, it can’t be anything other than it is. When you accept this and stop searching for another reality, the mind relaxes, as it has nothing more to do and it is the absence of this tension that releases so much of your suffering. Constantly fighting with your present state is the reason that so many people stay in a cycle, they keep re-creating their own suffering and so the nervous system never gets a chance to heal itself.

So much mental suffering is caused through the mental battle with yourself and how you are feeling, constantly looking for another state, another reality. This battle keeps the mind over active, it causes so much mental strain and chaos, the mind becomes so unsettled and there can be confusion, irritability and strain. So much of how you feel physically comes from the strain and tension in your mind. The mind craves a rest from this battle you are having with yourself. You can never find calm through more thinking, more effort as you are just using your tired mind to try and achieve this,. Your mind desperately needs a rest, but you give it more jobs to do, trying to solve the problem with the problem. This is why techniques rarely or if ever work as they are just another way to try and manipulate a different state, another job for the mind to try and perfect. It is never about trying to force another state through personal will and effort, it is about letting go of all techniques and effort and then the mind finally gets the rest it needs and in time with rest it will calm itself."

Rather than repeating all of Paul's messages which are all based on acceptance of the anxiety state, have a read yourself.

Best wishes


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Brilliant books an amazing person too


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