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Is constant lightheadedness normal?

I'm a 17 year old nale and ive suffered with anxiety for a long time now. However, around 5 days ago I suffered a mild anxiety attack in the morning when o felt sick and became scared when thinking i would vomit. Then when out with my parents the same day i had another anxiety attack. I felt sick and had pains in my stomach, which isnt anythinf new for me. Then the next day I woke up feeling naseous and a bit lightheaded. When it came for me to go out again with my friends I told my parents about how i felt lightheaded. Since then ive felt lightheaded for 4 days straight. This has been accompanied by nausea. Could this just be anxiety or something else like vertigo?

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Im not sure if my answer would help you but i will say it anyway.

I have phobia of vomitting.. so whenever i felt like fast heart beat or nausea i feel like i want to vomit but that is not the real case so when i think about it and search online and see vomit makes me even more scared and increases my anxiety level..

My advice for you is to go out and not think about it assuming this is anxiety nothing else.

Have you been going through a lot of stress and depression lately?


I don't know if this will help you butt, anxiety has many frightening symptoms that could make you really scared like if you had a disease. For me I've had daily headaches and it would feel like it wouldn't go away then later on I would have a panic attack but a mild one. For me I am exercising becuase exercise helps a lot with anxiety and make you feel better. I also went to a therapist and the therapist helped me a lot cope with my anxiety disorder and I have generalized anxiety disorder.


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