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Anyone experience this or similar?

My anxiety isn't consistent. Mine is most likely being caused by hormone in balance (went off the birth conttrol patch after 5 weeks of being on it to try and induce lactation). Even the BC most likely gave me anxiety.

For a few days it was constant.. no relief. Then I felt really good for most of the day and thought.. okay,, I'm better I'm balanced out.

One day I was edgy in the AM.

Next day in the afternoon.

Now, last night.. I was llaying in bed unwinding watching TV and got sleepy - turned it off.. went to bed and BAM a sudden surge of anxiety.

I thought - okay, I'll take a sip of wine to relax me ..... But all that seemed to do was create a feeling in my stomache (almost a warm burning feeling) that heightened my anxiety - or maybe it wsa heightened BY my anxiety.

Sometimes it would be a thought (stupid thought) that would make me feel anxious - sometimes when I would sit and HAD not thought - it would rise up.. and it was like this nervous pit of the stomach feeling.

I did NOT sleep ALL night.... only thing that calmed me was MOVING. Even though I felt EXHAUSTED... if I'd sit - I'd feel that burning nervous 'got to get up' feeling.

Finally.. I went outside on my front porch and sat IN a rocking chair. The rocking actually was a good substitute for walking and I almost dozed off.. accept the chair isn't that comfortable. BUt it relaxed me enough to move INTO a more comfortable chair where I managed to sleep for 2 hours.

Yesterday my doc gave me a prescription for Xanax. Unfortunately I didn't have time to get it filled yesterday... GOD how I wish I had! I'm running to the pharmacy now.

For me, it manifest as a nervous pit feeling that makes me feell like I have to move. I don't get a pulsing heartrate.. just the " i got tomove" nervous stomach. Needless to say it's effecting my appetite.

I sure hope the XANAX works!

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Yes i understand,im pregnant and my hormones are all messed up and i feel the same way,i pace the floor at least 6 or 7 times a day bc it feels like i cant sit still.and it doesnt go away untill i take a little piece of a klonopin.and when that wears off it comes right back.i cant wait to have this baby so maybe i can feel a little bit of relief but then i have to worry about post partum anxiety/depression.its a non stop battle just to feel calm.and its believe me you are not alone.


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