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Hello, My name is Kelly and I am 23 years old, I have been living in Greece for the past 3 years with my partner and his grandparents. Back in may this year I was at the house and I fainted and hit my head on the floor, I have fainted before in the past over stupid things like not eating or getting up or standing in one place for too long, but this one was the worst I have had as I hit my head (always been caught in the past) and I was very scared. I went to hospital and had all tests done, all came back fine. My partner had to watch me over night because of my head injury. I got better and things went back to normal. One day I was out and all of a sudden I felt dizzy, sick, panicky etc, and had to be drove home. I again went back to hospital for tests, again everything was fine (other than being low on iron). Every since that day I am too scared to go out incase I have a panic attack and end up fainting and hurting myself again. I feel anxious near enough all the time and I'm really new to all this so I'm trying to find others out there who suffer who could guide me through it. I am now back in England with my family looking after me, I have great support from my mother. I just want to feel myself again as it's really messing with my life right now! Can anyone suggest anything? Thank you!

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Hi Kelly,

Have you spoken with a dr about this? I am wondering if working with a therapist might help you... Maybe your doctor could recommend a therapist. I am so glad your family is supportive... You all sound like very nice people! Take care.



Thank you for your reply Betty,

I haven't seen a Dr or therapist yet I was hoping I could do it by myself, as some days I can feel okay, I just get confused because I used to be such a strong person and if I get told by Dr's I'm fine I am happy with it, but everytime I get told I'm fine it just doesn't seem enough it just feels like something is wrong with me yet I know it's in my head and I'm making it worse for myself by constantly thinking and worrying about it! I just need to find ways to overcome it, I just wasn't sure how to!

Again thank you Betty for your reply, take care.

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Well, if it 'helps' any... What you are describing sounds SO like what I go through... I have been through a LOT but have always been strong and dealt with it all... Went through an apartment fire 2 years ago and it was very traumatic and haven't been the same since. I'm aggravated by the whole thing and just can't understand why I can't 'get over it!'... (I never had much patience! :) ) .... and really feeling weird on the Mirtazapine that I now am taking for not quite one month. Feel so weird that I don't really consider this 'being better' by any means...but will give it a full 2 months...then... I'll decide... Good luck to both of us!


wow I'm so sorry for what you have been through!!! You are a very strong person indeed!!! I hope everything manages to get better for you! We both need to keep thinking positive, we are good people, Good luck to us both!

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