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Hey, I have a few problems, the most major one at the moment is, I don't sleep at night I'm afraid I'm going to die in my sleep, it gets me really stressed out and I end up having a panic attack and end up staying up all night, second... I constantly repeat myself but mostly not when I talk, doctors said is might be ocd. And I suffer from depression I was diagnosed with depression in the 4th grade. When my father passed away it hit me. I had a eating disorder called '' anorexia'' I was in hospitals constantly because I was always dehydrated, doctors ran lots of test on me and said I was fine it was just all in my head. That's the first time I quit eating for 7 months. The most recent time I stopped eating I went 9 months without food touching or entering my mouth. They put me on some nutrition shakes I believe that's what it was and is tarted to gain weight again. When I quit the first time I was in 4th grade, 4ft10in, and weighed 45 pounds I was nothing but skin and bones. Now I am perfectly healthy and in eating. And my weight is normal. This is a lot for me to share my story.


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Hey I wanted to let you know in the past I've had the sleeping problem BAD it's not as bad as it used to be but it still gets me all I know to help is that I just think you have to sleep to live and it's a natural thing and hope I'll be ok I used to have to stay up as long as I could until I passed out or take sleeping medication I know how hard it is I hope you get better - bs

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