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Escitalopram increased dose from 15mg to 20mg

Hello, Its been a wee while since I have last blogged. I have been feeling better with both Anxiety and Depression but have taken a few steps back in my progress recently. I wanted to ask if anyone else has increased their dosage of Escitalopram has had dizzy spells without going unconscious. Also, going into a daydream quickly at a glance and just sitting in a trance.

Anyone else having the same experiences ?


H :)

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Pleased to see you on here again & posting

I cant answer about the meds , but I do alot of the gazing & daydreaming , sometimes its not even anything I am thinking about , its like I have just gone in a trance , quite relaxing when it happens to be honest

Hope someone will soon be able to tell you more about the meds





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