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40's are rough! Any women relate?

Around 40, life took some hard turns and depression set in. Medication no longer seemed to help, though it had for the previous 10 years. A handful of my 40-something friends who also struggled with depression seemed to go off the rails. At 46 now, I've tried many medications including herbal with little help. Now I'm just trying to make the best choices and keep my head above the waters of negativity. I'm committed to living and giving my kids the best life I can. I would like to connect with others who understand. Those who are fighting this fight and doing what they can to persevere and stay strong.

Don't you hate the way depression robs joy, and makes you feel like a failure?

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Your story of being a professional while juggling depression inspires me. I am a university student with depression that is concerned about being able to lead a normal career to match my goals while battling depression. You're struggling but you're still having victories and that is wonderful. Sending support!


Thank you! Having supports such as family, community groups, therapist, and spouse who understands helps. I'm pretty open about my struggle with safe people, but they can only bear so much of the constant negativity so I don't share a lot. I journal the worst of it. And hoping that connecting here is another place to share /get tips, share trials and triumphs.


I get the 40's but now I'm 55 ugh

I left my husband 8 years ago and my doc. Put me on anti depressants. I thought to myself this is temporary I need to put on my big girl pants and act like a lady! I pulled it together after crying for 6 months but pills were not the answer ( for me) !!

I understand it helps others but I don't want to do that. I worked out 3 or 4 hours a day and pulled myself back up.

Here I am now 55 in Atlanta alone ! I fell that way again ?

It's not just a 40's thing ! I think for mom's Amd women facing midlife it's a change and it's hard.

I went from running kids for 30 years to sports and music stuff to

Mmmmm I'll lay at the pool today and do nothing. I think I miss the running and being so busy. I believe it helped me focus and stay happy now I have too much time to over think everything !

Embrace you're 40'svsoon it will be 50's and the wrinkles , saggy everything ....

I look back and think the 40's were my best years.

Peace 🤘


Thanks for sharing your story. I am trying to enjoy the now, especially because I know it may not be uphill from here. I still have at least 10 years with kids at home, so am going to enjoy that. I also am the primary breadwinner for many years now, although my husbands work will eventually bring income (that whole situation is a major depression trigger). Xo


Sorry girl ...

I will tell you after raising my kids pretty much on my own.

It's so much better now !

I have money !!!

That will come to you in time!

Peace girl

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I’m mid 40s & have dealt & dealing with so much! Sequence-Breast cancer 7 yr. survivor - (depression within a year afterward led to a physical & mental breakdown), lost my career job, divorced from a 14 yr marriage (ex recently remarried after 5 yrs divorced), live in a less than ideal environment (rent in a home of housemates), stringing together PT jobs earning less than liveable income, failed relationships (most previous I was harassed and needed to get a stalking protective order) plus more! I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had to muster up the energy for a comeback and always think the last one will be it for a while. The last 8 months or so have been debilitatingly tough! Every step of every day is a fight to move forward. I need to find more work and relocate as I desperately need a new start in a new place. I’ve reentered counseling, am job searching, looking at places to live and trying not to get overwhelmed but it’s incredibly difficult. I’m hoping to gather strength from others’ stories of perseverance and strategies for healing. Just not feeling alone is comforting and I’m thankful for what I’ve learned thus far. Thanks for sharing your stories.

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Hi Iris, thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like your journey has been a really challenging and I'm so sorry you've had to go through all that. Life can be difficult enough without depression on top! You are not alone. I've bunch of us including myself are fighting.

I pray you find the best place to live for your next season, and steady work that provides and that you can enjoy. Keep up the fight!

In case I didn't mention, I have been enjoying a podcast called "the hilarious world of depression"... A song I like to listen to is "comes and goes in waves" by Greg laswell.


Thank you dearly Erin for your kind words and empathy. I do like that song and I will checkout that podcast. Every bit helps.


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