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Unsteady eating habbits


What I tend to do a lot is barely eat for about 1-2 weeks then I'll eat straight up junk food for a few days. My parents have noticed that I don't eat very much and when I do I try not to eat in front of people.(because it makes me insanely self conscious) my mom and step dad aren't at the point yet that their forcing me to eat but their getting there. They've been making my favorite foods and stuff and I eat a little bit but it makes me feel sick and disgusted because I'm genuinely not hungry. My older brother told me the other day that I look thinner but I stopped actually losing weight about a month ago. I'm still over weight and 80 pounds more than my thinnest freind. I feel insanely fat around them which isn't their fault but it ironically causes me to stress eat. I'm just overwhelmed with everything and want to get my life under control...

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Its time to seek help - you need to get see a specialist in eating disorders - so do visit your GP or if at school/college speak to the counsellor. Starving then bingeing is a dangerous combination and whatever your weight you do need to get help to get things back into perspective and to develop a healthier attitude to food. Do please seek some help - Anorexia and Bulimia Care and BEAT both have confidential helplines - so do speak to them. I know seeking help and talking about this is a huge step to take - but it is a step towards getting your life back.

You’ve now adopted what might be a way to manage your current weight by restricting (losing 1-2 weeks) and then yo-yoing the next week wiping out loses with bingeing. This is truly an unhealthy relationship with food and ways to manage your mental health.

If you want to get your life under control and stop being destructive get Anorexia and Bulimia help. I would like to think when you post here it’s a true reaching out for help and advice and not just away to vent your problem and keep doing the same patterns over and over. Your depression and anxiety, probably added peer pressure or pressure your putting on your self for various reasons warrants you needing comprehensive therapy for depression and eating disorders, this would be of great benefit to you.

You are so young, you’ve got years of healthy life ahead of you, things can be reversed, but staying the course you are on, unhealthy choices and habits can become longer term physical health problems and tackle that with mental health problems is only going to make your situation(s) worse. Get help today. Follow the advice above as well.

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