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binge-eating, eating disorder

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hello everyone. :)

i am writing this post because i am searching a support. i have realized that i have an eating disorder.

i binge many times in a month (sometimes week) and i am in a stress much time because of it. my weight is raising and my confidence decreasing.

i know than i need help. but i am really ashamed to talk about it with my parents or friends. i think that if i can find someone who experience similiar situations we can talk about it help and support each other dealing with it.

i would like to ask how you overcome overeating.

and if someone would like to join me in my way from this illness i would be grateful. please write me:

i am waiting for your replies

thank you

yours Jana

(i am a 17 year old girl who lost during 1 year 10 kgs (22lb)

(thanks to eating healthy and working out)

after that i become a vegetarian, later vegan and lastly raw vegan.

-after losing weight i gained it all again back........

now i am trying to return to be a normal person who don´t care about food so much .

(but i don´t eat meat).

someone who don´t overeat and than go on a diet.

10 Replies
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You have made the first steps toward getting support. I would advise not accepting email support from someone who is not approved by an organisation. The first place would be the GP. Could you make an appointment and go on your own. Professional and support from caring friends. There are help lines you could ring even lines like child line. Many people who have a binge eating disorder have experienced some type of trauma. If you know what the trauma/s was or is. You might be able to get some counselling from a charity.

I am seeing a dietician and her help has been more than just healthy eating. You talked about losing weight and deciding to be vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan. My experience is having banned food or unsafe food can be ways of refusing certain foods and attempts to control eating. Sadly these methods don't work and can make the situation worse.

I hope you do get some help


I have had a quick look at the B-eat website and there are support groups around the country as well as online. These may be helpful. Anorexia Bulimia Care also have a helpline.

If you can perhaps good people to talk things over with are your GP and/or there will be people trained in counsellling in your school or college.

I'm not trying to put you off using this forum but it can help to talk directly with someone.

As your diet is restricted I think talking with a dietican is important - your GP should be able to refer you.

I wish you all the best

Hello Jana. Well done for admitting you have a problem with food, and for asking for support around it. I echo Anniephys's points about seeing your GP and looking at the B-eat website, and Jellio's about avoiding engaging in emails with people you don't know. Your GP Is an important first port of call, and should be sensitive to your needs. If not, look for another one who is! I would also really encourage you to speak to your parents/family, or a teacher. Friends are also good, but I think an adult would be an important source of support too.

When I first read your post I got the impression that you were struggling with binge eating disorder, where weight is normal or even high to start with. But then I got further into your post and saw about you losing 10kg and the ever decreasing range of foods you were eating and I wondered if you are actually struggling with overeating triggered by being too restrictive/starving yourself (even if you started out with the goal of being healthy). These are the kinds of things your GP should be able to think about with you. If you have lost 10kg and were following a very restrictive diet, perhaps your body has rebelled because it needs better nutrition, hence your struggle to manage your eating.

I hope that helps - good luck and don't despair, you will get to where you want to be with the right help!

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Thank you everyone for your reply. :)

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thank you :)

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This sounds very similar to what I've been through, I lost almost a stone and then started binging, purging and excessively excercising when the weight crept back on. This went on for a couple of years when I realised I needed help. I tried everything (nutritionists, hypnotherapy, CBT, all sorts of diets) but was too scared to go to my GP. The best advice I was given (and finally I was willing to take it) was to stop being sick. Anyway, long story short, that eventually helped reduced the binging but I stiil did/do it and it makes me miserable, I eventually went to the doctor (whilst I had occasional bulimia) he gave me sertraline and I was put on a waiting list for CBT. It's the best thing I've ever done, and I've gradually come to understand my binge triggers (not eating enough, stress, drinking, etc). Please go to your GP, they WILL be able to help. I also write a blog on this, that might help you not feel so alone

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janewlif in reply to SarahLondon

thank you. i am grateful for your answer. :) i feel much better these days and haven´t binge for few days.. :)

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Hi! I came across this while trying to deal with the exact same problem, sounds like a really similar problem..

I made a tumblr because I don't want to get proper help for this, because I've found it so hard to talk about out loud. if you want to talk or anything so we can help eachother out, this is my email

Good luck <3

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Hi, I know this post is a bit late but its just to say that I am a binge eater too and am 16 years old. I started binge eating whilst trying to recover from anorexia and am now overweight. I am trying to eat well and lose some weight now so if you ever need any support or would like to be weight loss buddies then please feel free to message me xx

I binge eat too. I am so ashamed when i look at myself.I try everything to loose weight but i cant. Everytime i look at a mirror i am constantly being reminded of what a flaby failure i am.