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I can't stop eating :(

I've been throwing up now at least once a day (sometimes more) for around 2 years :(

It started after I lost a shit tonne of weight by eating barely anything for about 6 months, then after I lost the weight I couldn't keep up eating so little but I can't just eat like a regular person. Once I snack, I go mad and can't stop, I don't know what's wrong with me. I didn't want to gain any weight so I started making myself sick and now it's a part of my life, does this mean I'm depressed or something ... I can't understand why I'm like this.

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You said yourself you deprived yourself for 6 months. Bingeing is your body telling you its malnourished and trying to get what it needs. You can be malnourished at any weight. You need to retrain your body so it knows you aren't going to starve it again. Try not to go more than 3 hours without a meal or snack ( breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and supper) It might seem like a lot but regular eating will at least stop your body responding to hunger. There are usually emotional reasons too but that doesn't necessarily mean you're depressed. There a lots of reasons why people do this. You are not alone and beating yourself up about it will make the problem worse. xx


Hi, there are many reasons why you may feel out of control when eating, or why you may have felt the need to starve/restrict yourself for 6 months at a time. From the sounds of it, you are not depressed, but you seem to have an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia. I would really, really recommend seeing a psychiatrist if you have the opportunity to do so at the soonest possible time. I know this can sound scary, but I have gone as have other people in my life and it is incredibly helpful. Therapy sounds like they'll just get into your head and I know you might fear letting someone else control you like that, but that's not at all what happens in therapy. Usually CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy, is used to treat this sort of problem you are dealing with - which is not at all unusual, please don't feel like they would judge you! CBT helps you understand your thought processes and the behaviors that come from them. It helps you learn how to cope with overwhelming emotions or situations by helping you change the way you think about things and yourself. I really hope you can find the strength to push past any stigma and go seek the help you desperately deserve! Eating disorders are extremely dangerous and can cause major harm to your organs and body, and the underlying psychological causes need to be treated as soon as possible. Sending you lots of love and strength!


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