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AMN Easier now "public"!

Based on the results of the poll just conducted, AMN Easier is now a "public" site. All new posts will be visible by casual visitors unless you click on the "private" button when you create a blog or post. All postings made up to now will remain private. This is shown now on all postings that members can see.

Of course, at this start point there is no public content (well, except for this posting). So the site will look a bit bare to the general public. Hopefully we will start adding new content soon. When you are about to post, you will see a “private or public” question which enables you to choose what to do.


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Hi Chris, Now this is public I think it would be a good idea to put on the home page information about the disease also symptoms ect, so undiagnosed patients can compare their symptoms.

All the best



God idea, Steven. On the AMN Easier home page, it's not immediately possible to have a static section describing the disease. I think it's something that needs to be there and I will raise it with them.

I was also concerned about how AMN would be seen on NHS Choices whenever we get onto that site, as we will not be on it right away. As and when that does occur, I I will be trying to engage with them re what descriptions of AMN they put up.

On a final point, I came across an old copy of a one-page description of AMN created by Dr Phil Lee at the National Hospital some years ago. I have asked them to look at it and update it for us.

I will let everyone know about these improvements as and when they happen.



That sounds a really good idea.People ask me for web sights to help them understand AMN. My neuro physio was trying to find more.


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