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Does anyone have a Low sodium level?

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My levels are super low, Hyponatremia like.

Docs have told me it’s related to AMN, but they seem to blame it for everything 😊

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I think you have low aldosterone. You need fludrocortisone to decrease your salt craving. It is the part of Addison’s disease.

It’s a sign of Addison’s disease

Have you been tested? It’s important as untreated it can be life threatening but easily treated with Hydrocortisone tablets!

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This is interesting because I had a routine blood test which showed low sodium also.

I had another Short Synacthen Test (I've many of these over the years) which again showed my adrenals were fine. I was also sent for a CT scan.

The consultant at the hospital proposed that I had something called SIADH (Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone - not making this up - there is such a condition!) but after cutting back on my daily fluid intake my sodium levels came back to normal.

Now, they think I was drinking too much fluid.

Confusing because we are all told to drink water a lot.

At any rate, I think it had nothing to do with AMN.

But maybe ask your docs about SIADH.

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I can agree. I reasoned that my level was low due to daily large quantity of water to ensure hydration in the morning after not drinking fluids late afternoon and evening to cut down my bathroom visits. When I get the lab work done, the result is lower sodium which goes back up afterwards. Stanford called me with a low result (I drink lots of water prior to my urine sample - I cannot pee on command) and I retested with my doctor later in the day and it was fine.

I agree with the above that too much water may be ingested especially if you are not active and it turns into retained fluids and body in your legs. You could add in mineral water which has a little sodium in it

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