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MIN-102 pains


Hi everyone. I'm now about 10 weeks into the trial. I'm reasonably sure I am on the medication and not the placebo. Firstly my ankles swell up every day due to water retention! By the end of the day the top of my socks makes an hourglass like shape on my ankles/calves. I spoke to the consultant about this and she said that it might also be due to the hot weather. She also said that swollen ankles is not in itself a problem - there will only be an issue if the water starts to collect in the lungs.

Beyond that, the first new sensation I felt is that taking teabags out of teacups actually hurts! It's weird to say that now but I just presumed other people were soft. I use a spoon now.

More recently other things have changed. The first is that the nurse called me and told me I needed to up my dosage of the medication. I presume blood plasma levels of the drug are one of the things they are testing for with the fasting bloods. The second thing is that the past 2/3 days I have been in pain. Started in my lower back and now has moved into my left hip. Feels like I've pulled a muscle there but unlike any usual injuries I get thanks to AMN, I can't remember doing anything wild or untoward. I did go for a walk around town 3 days ago so I am guessing that I have been in the habit of hurting myself and pulling muscles over the years but haven't felt it thanks to the neuropathy.

So, if it is the drug and it is indeed working then there is a lot more pain to come. Will post more if anything changes.

Anyone else notice anything?


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thanks for sharing

Thank you for the update

Thanks for filling us in. How far into the trial were you when the nurse called to up your dosage? You reported that it was 10ml at 15mg/ml QD before, what is it now?

wilburlois15 in reply to tetris

It's now 17ml daily so a reasonable increase from 10ml. They called a couple of weeks ago ... which was more than 3 weeks after I went in for the 4 week check up (probably 7 or 7 and a half weeks after the start). I think at the next check up, at 12 weeks, they do the same blood test again and thereafter might change it again.

tetris in reply to wilburlois15

That's not exactly a round number. They must really tailor the dosage to your test results.


Just wondering if you've noticed any difference with your bladder function?



funny you should ask that. I've been mulling this over the past few days. I find let down (relaxing the muscles/sphincters) to let out urine at lot easier. I'd often sit down to urinate but now I don't need to, even at night. On the down side I've found the water retention tends to release overnight which means I am often busier at night times that I used to be...

I am having a glass of wine a couple of hours before bed to see if the diuretic effects of alcohol offset some of this before I go to sleep.

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