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I have been saving this post, but I have been prompted to approach this subject. And its a delicate one.. Its just one for the guys.

ED, erectile dysfunction is a bane on any AMN sufferers life. Psychologically its destroying. You can have all the will in the world but nothing. There are various solutions, which I won;t go into, but personally I use a generic viagra. This will give you an erection, but doesn't give you any sensation. You become a glorified sex toy. I have sex with my girlfriend, but its for her and the moment, and physically for me, I could honestly take it or leave it. I have a giant vibrator I use to make myself medically ejaculate periodically for my own well being. This is even achievable without erection.

Peeing is an issue. I used to pee like 20 times a day and get up 3 to 5 times a night. Since working with my Urologist I have been put on 8mg of Toviaz a day and catheters. I now pee 4 or 5 times a day and never get up at night. Catheters are awesome and give me an awesome sensation of emptiness I hadn't experienced in years. I can manage like 10 -12 hours during the night with a catheter before bed. "walking" makes me need to pee more, not a problem with my wheelchair. I can also get to the toilet really fast with no stress.

Not one for the squeamish, but no topic is off the table.

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I use a medication called myrbetriq and catheterize. I love not having to get up at night and also not have to be panicky about where the next washroom is now.

In regards to erections I use a medication called tri-mix and inject it into to my penis. Works amazing and you can last for hours. Viagara. makes me feel flushed and gross.


Bluejadedwho, my urologist is having me come in April 9 to get dosing for tri-mix. So glad to hear your success story on it. Pills did not do much of anything. I am on a double dose of Flowmax and having decent results. I’ve not had any night ‘accidents’ since starting it. Will find out for sure in 3 weeks with another bladder scan.


Tri-mix just gives you an erection, right? The big problem is lack of feeling. I agree viagra leaves you with a running nose and "flushed" is a great word to describe the sensation.


I was listening in on a call hosted by ALD Connect last week with some other symptomatic AMN men. They seemed to think viagra (and the other drugs like it) work for some and not for others. But it seemed like the majority agreed when the sensation is gone, it's not quite the same for you as it once was.

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I think "not quite the same" is an understatement. Its now mostly a futile act. I would easily give up sex altogether and just use a vibrator to ejaculate when necessary. Obviously I am not planning on having kids, so no great loss in the grand scheme. Don;t worry everyone, I will continue to have sex for my girlfriend's benefit.


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