Another 4-AP, 4-AP-3-MeOH study

Dated August 2016, which I suppose is fairly recent.

Here are a few choice excerpts:

4-AP has been investigated extensively as the leading compound for axonal

functional restoration efforts following myelin damage in both SCI and MS

4-aminopyrdine-3-methanol (4-AP-3-MeOH), showed similar efficacy, a 10-fold increased potency and overall less side effects in restoring electrical conduction

in injured axons

In addition, both 4-AP and 4-AP-3-MeOH were tested side by side in the same study for the first time. This study confirmed that 4-AP-3-MeOH works to restore conduction in axons with acrolein-mediated myelin damage and also displayed greater efficacy and wider therapeutic range than 4-AP

A lovely scientific report, the only disease it mentions is MS, but it's all the same to me. 4-AP and 4-AP-3-MeOH benefit a whole range of demyelinating diseases.

They certainly work for me.

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Just edited it.

Should be OK now.

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This is a very good thing! I hope that with more research and proof that the 4ap3meoh is a much better option to 4ap we will see more availability. It gets quite frustrating when you speak with your doctors and pharmacists about it and they look at you in confusion. The canned response I get is I will have to look into that. I am proud to say that with this AMN community/family we are doing more productive research as a whole. Let's keep it up AMN family! We will figure this thing out !


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