Increased production of urine from Addison's?

I was just wondering; if you have AMN and also Addison's disease, is there a tendency that you produce more urine than a healthy guy? The adrenal glands produces Cortisol and Aldosterone. The latter is important for concentrating urine, from what I understand. So, if there is a shortage of Aldosterone will the body produce more urine? Particularly urine that looks like water?

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  • This is an interesting question, and I'm sorry that I don't have an answer for you, but I have a couple of comments on it. From what I remember prior to my Addison's being diagnosed, which was a long time ago now, my urine was regularly very dark yellow. From my understanding of it it isn't that a person would produce excess urine, but that the body isn't able to utilize the water, without Aldosterone, so it passes through rather than being absorbed fully by the cells so what is being taken in is passed out as urine. I'm sure this isn't a very good description of the process, but....

  • I don't know if we produce more urine, clodvig, but many of us suffer from urinary urgency and decreased volume of urine storage in the bladder, so it can certainly feel like it. Last night I woke up three times to urinate. It's much better than the 4-5 times per night before I started taking Myrbetriq, but still not ideal. AMN really turns us all into elderly people before our time. Think about some of our common symptoms - urinary and bowel problems, balance and gait issues, cognitive and physical fatigue, pain - all are unfortunately common in the aged population.

    To get back on topic, and to answer your last question, my urine never looks like water. I have salt cravings on a daily basis, and consume plenty of sodium (very necessary for anyone with primary adrenal insufficiency). On top of that, many medications produce darker urine.

    Do you only take hydrocortisone for your adrenal insufficiency, or do you take fludrocortisone, as well?

  • I think that Myrbetriq is a fantastic medication. I also have to intermittent self catheterize now as last year urine was backing into my kidneys and causing then to fail. Those two together is the best thing ever. No more urgency. I sometimes forget that I should catheterize which means no trying to find a bathroom or getting up at night at all.

  • As stated by Aaron98, you are probably not producing more urine, your bladder is just not holding as much and spasming making you have to go more often.

    There are tons of medications that help relax the bladder spasms. Keep trying until you find one that works. Start in small dosages.

    I take oxybutynin 5mg. I can take it 4 times a day or I can skip it based on my day.

  • Yes, I use the restroom about every half hour. I told doctor but she says it's unrelated. Its annoying, watching a movie i half to pause it at least five times. I also drink a big Pepsi all day. I have know I have had about two years. Numbness and lack of emotion. Nothing excites me. Makes life very empty.


  • Bxd11, I see that this is your first post on this forum. If you've been diagnosed with AMN, your doctor is wrong. Urinary issues are extremely common for men and women with AMN. I never had to go every half hour, but definitely every hour or two at my worst. Myrbetriq has helped quite a bit. I'd recommend you give it a go if your insurance will cover most of it (it can be a very expensive drug). Have you seen a urologist? I'm sure your PCP could write a referral.

    I am sorry to hear that you feel a lack of emotion. Anxiety and depression are also unfortunately common among people with ALD/AMN. I'd encourage you to consider seeing a counselor, particularly one who has worked with people suffering from chronic illness. It can be extremely helpful. This forum can also be useful. Feel free to post if you have any questions for our community. We all need support.

  • I don't have anxiety or depression. Just nothing. It's difficult only because life is empty. No pain feelings or emotions. It's like being a zombie. I only have aquariums. I try to keep a hobby.

  • Thank you for your help

    No I not seen a urologist

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