Someone posted this information on Anyone familiar or gone through this treatment?

Recent research "Metformin-induced mitochondrial function and ABCD2 up-regulation in X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy involves AMP-activated protein kinase."

Pharmacological activation of AMPK can rescue the mitochondrial dysfunction and inhibit the pro-inflammatory response. The FDA approved anti-diabetic drug Metformin, a well-known AMPK activator, induces mitochondrial biogenesis and is documented for its anti-inflammatory role.

Taken together, these results provide proof-of-principle for therapeutic potential of metformin as a useful strategy for correcting the metabolic and inflammatory derangements in X-ALD by targeting AMPK. We document the therapeutic potential of FDA approved drug, Metformin, for X-ALD by targeting AMPK. Metformin induced peroxisomal Abcd2 levels in vitro and in vivo. Metformin lowered VLCFA levels, improved mitochondrial function and ameliorated inflammatory gene expression in X-ALD patient-derived cells.

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  • SongStream, thanks a lot.

    I'll look into this. We all should start investigating ways to upregulate ACBD2.

    I started making a list of candidate drugs. I'll post it up in the week, but Metformin looks very promising.


    Here is the full article, have to pay $6 to read it though.

    I'll sort this later in the week.

  • Thanks Monkeybus. A common adverse effect of this drug is gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea, vomiting, etc. I'd be concerned how it affects those with Addison's. Nevertheless, it sounds promising.

  • I'm going to add it to my list to talk to the neurologist. I'm taking all these screenshots and need to go through them and right all this down