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Final call for the ALD/AMN Community Weekend!

AMN-ers please be aware that the weekend gathering on 27-29 May in Lndon is as much for you as It is for families affected as a result of having an ALD child. I am sorry if some if you may not have realised this, and I apologise if that is the case.

The event will be at the Grange Tower Bridge (27-29 May 2016) hotel. If you are still thinking of attending, please make sure that you book before Monday 16th May 2016 at 10am via (the booking form will not be available after this time).

Accommodation at the hotel is subsidised as long as you can present the required medical proof that you have AMN. Details are on the form.

We have formal presentations and a closing Q & A session featuring an impressive list of ALD/AMN medical experts, researchers and specialists from around the world as well as activities for adults and children. Further details can be found on the ALD Life website -

Don't delay - sign up to meet other individuals and families living with, and affected by, ALD/AMN along with the speakers and the ALD Life team. We look forward to seeing you there!

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