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Was 10 years back,  I suddenly started suffering from Hay Fever.   Bad,  very bad.   Not just ichy eyes and a snuffly nose.   Pain,  in my brain as well. 

The only medicine that helped was Celestamine.   I Googled it at the time,  steroidal.  Powerful.   That was that. 

But,  was just after that that the fatigue and later the spasticity hit.  

All the next 10 years,  misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis,  then last year confirmed AMN.  

So I was down the neurologist last month for an MRI and I knew the pollen would be flying soon, so I asked him for some Celestamine.   He checked his PC,  his comment, "ooooh,  strong".   But he prescribed it along with the usual poison. 

I Googled it again the other day,  it is a corticosteroid,  mimics hormones produced by the Adrenal Glands. 

I think you all see where I'm going with this. 

I've had my hormones checked and they are on the low side but "nothing to worry about". 

If you want to terrify yourself check the Wikipedia page for corticosteroid side effects. 

In other news,   my sister-in-law (who has cancer) now only eats organic food.   Her outrageously bad hayfever that she's had for decades cleared right up. 

Plainly the old food-as-medicine argument has a lot going for it. 

Hay fever is barely noticeable nowadays.   Eyes just a little itchy.  Need to speak with an endocrinologist, a nutritionalist,  even. 

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Hi Monkeybus,

I suffer with hay fever March to May it's the tree pollen! I take Loratadine and it works well! I've been taking Hyrdrocortisone for Addisons since Dec 2002 I don't get side effects as its replacing what my adrenals are not making!

All the best 


PS My MRI results are good still stable!

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Hello Steven,

Nice MRI news.

hen did your hay fever first kick in though?  In relation to your noticeable AMN symptoms?


It started about 4 years ago and AMN started 7 years ago?

All the best


I'm a holistic nutritionist. Would love to offer any support you may need. I too have AMN.


I'm all ears,  bluejadedwho. 

What sort of dietary regime are you on? 


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