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Exercise and diet?

Hey all.

my partner has amn he's 25. Been diagnosed 3 years.

he has a stretching routine every morning and night, he also uses his cross trainer but he finds it pretty difficult sometimes especially if his legs are stiff or he's tired which is probably because of his adrenal insufficiency.

I'd like to know what exercises people with AMN find beneficial??

food is a main point too. could anybody give me an idea of what they usually eat and drink??



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oldestnewest This link also contains a video with preferred exercises. As far as diet, I know a lot of people(including myself) who are leaning towards a paleo diet. Specifically, The Wahls Protocol diet. I hope this helps.


Okay thanks Steven.


Please see this short video for an AMN exercise regimen:



Hi, I use a cross trainer every day, I think they are great as when the legs get tired you can keep them moving by pushing your arms! When I miss a day I know about it! I also lift weights every other day, I think exercising is good for us, I certainly feel better for it! Eating a healthy diet is also a good idea.

All the best


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Yes, and I used to be (note the past-tense verb) a hard-core runner. Now use a bike machine. Am known to lift weights.

Other ideas are welcome.


Lift weights, stretch (one day on, one day off), eat clean (I eat mostly paleo + dairy/grains on workout days). It's done miracles for me.


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