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A Little Help From You


Hi! Um, I'm Anniesphare from PH, and I'm 16. I always forget things. Idunno why. There are even things that I am not aware that I am doing it. I would like to ask all of you, if you will be able to read my post, if you have experienced these, too. And you also might know what disease is this, or if I am really sick. I badly need your help, everyone. Because my situation is getting worse. Please, thank you.

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This must be so scary for you. I'm so sorry. Have you told your parents or a doctor?im not a health care professional but it is very important to let them know It could be so many things. My daughter who is thirty now said this always happened to her and was diagnosed with a mental disorder that medication is doing amazing for her now. I would write down what happens when it happens in as much detail as possible and take it to your doctor. Knowledge is power. You are not alone and if you don't want to keep suffering they can figure this out and get you started in whatever you need so that this is not Going to be a scary part of your life. It could be something simple too. Be strong. Praying for you!


Welcome to the community, and thanks for sharing your story. Suggest you make an appointment with your doctor to review the symptoms you describe, and talk about possible causes -- a full blood panel would be a good idea, as there are a number of deficiencies (potassium, Vitamin B-12, etc) that can cause memory loss and confusion. All the best, and good luck.

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